The Reborn of the Atari Porn!


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FIGO BEO – Atari 2600

Created by Gianluigi Valgimigli

Published by Brain Fusion Videogames




At the "Alma Masturbater" university seems to be a day like any other; Figo Beo, an engineering student, is going back to his room, which he affectionately calls "my fucking room". Many adventures with many white female students have stained the sheets of that bed which has an ambiguous phallic shape, but recently things have changed… only one white gal is currently enjoying all the attentions of his powerful black member: she has been chosen because she is the only one who allows him to enter the rear exit. “The smaller the hole is, the greater the enjoyment will be”, says the wise man; this is the reason why our stud has completely lost interest in all the other white female students and can't wait to come back to “his den” to calm his nerves down after a stressful Construction Science lesson. But unfortunately, on this fateful day, a bitter surprise is waiting for him: on the mattress there isn’t his chick anxiously waiting for him, but a strange letter. Figo Beo takes it in his hand and starts reading:


"We have kidnapped your little whore and have locked her in the Great Hall of the old engineering faculty, in the basement of the university. If you want to see her alive again, you'll have to come and look for her!" – signed: All the white female students who only give pussy.


"Damn white female students who only give pussy, they're jealous because I don't give myself to them anymore!", the legendary fucker says through clenched teeth to himself, "It's definitely a trap, they must have thought up this trick to kill me... But that hole is so small and so enjoyable, how can I go on without it? Filly of my heart, wait for me, I'm COMING to save you!". And so, without thinking on it for a further second, our heroic knight with a perennial desire, rushes into the dusty basements of the university, entering the dark and labyrinthine meanders of the former engineering faculty; it is said that no one has ever returned alive from that infernal maze: will Figo Beo succeed in his undertaking? Only your skill, my dear player, will determine it… Will you be worthy of the task? Will you prove that you are a real white pussy fucker? Or will you be just another cheap nerdy virgin wanker?






















To purchase a copy, send an email to:

The game is available in both PAL and NTSC versions.

It costs 75 euros plus shipping costs (for the USA, there are 3 shipping options: Registered mail from 28 euros; Ordinary package from 37 euros; Fastest package from 40 euros / for Europe, outside Italy, same methods at a cost of 20 euros, 25 euros & 31 euros respectively / for Italy, there is only one mode at a cost of 12 euros).













Once upon a time there was a genre of video games called Atari Porn...


In 2023, after forty years, thanks to FIGO BEO this genre cumes back to life!



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